Saturday, December 1, 2012

Win Stuff and Make A Difference: Passports with Purpose

There's another update on my Africa trip coming this weekend, but first I wanted to tell you about an amazing opportunity to win great prizes and change the lives of people in Haiti.  Passports with Purpose works with travel bloggers around the world each year to raise money for charity.  It's not one of those "donate to help everyone" things - though those programs do wonderful work, I like Passports with Purpose's choice to focus on a specific thing we can all feel good about when it's accomplished.  This year, they're raising $100,000 so can build two much-needed wells in Haiti.
We talk about water shortages in Arizona but the fact is we have no idea what true shortages are.  It's mind-boggling to consider the lengths many people in the world go to in order to have just enough to drink, much less for showers and lawns.
The goal is noble and the process is fun: you get to enter to win from a huge list of prizes, and each entry means a donation of $10 to the program.  Click here for the rather jaw-dropping list of prizes (a week in Provence, anyone?).   
There's an awesome globe photo on the left side of the blog that will take you to Passports with Purpose at any time.  I'd also urge you to "like" their Facebook page, and check back to watch this fundraising number grow as you join me in helping made a difference for Haitians.

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