Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spicing it Up

I had a hard time being patient with tourists who complained about things in Cuba.  The lines are too long? At least we don't have to stand in them just to get rationed food that won't fill our stomachs.  The bathrooms are too inconvenient?  At least they're clean.  Things are too unpredictable? Welcome to life outside your comfort zone. 

The complaints I could commiserate with a little, however, were about the bland and sometimes overcooked food.  We ate far better than I expected to: lobster tail is not a typical Tuesday lunch for me at home, for example, and when we got time to escape to the paladars the food was amazing.  But no matter how much you love Cuba, "bland" is a description that still applies to the food.

So I thought this article about a privately-owned Indian restaurant in Cuba was fascinating.  This place is definitely on the list of places I intend to eat the next time I visit Havana.

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