Friday, August 17, 2012

Propaganda and Prose: The Signs of Cuba

There's no advertising in Cuba, at least not in the in-your-face American sense, and the break from constant messaging was more welcome than I'd anticipated.  There were billboards and signs everywhere, however, most often promoting the Revolutionary principles associated with the Castro regime.  Thanks to my bus seatmates, I often had a window seat so I could capture as many of these artful expressions as possible.

Not all signs were in billboard form but all played a key factor in our journeys. 

There was the sign that we followed (except when I ditched the group to pretend I was traveling alone):

And signs we could ignore:

I laughed about this one every day, picturing a small child followed by a portable pianist.

There were signs announcing events:


And many more announcing ideas:

There were signs that were simple:

And signs that were more complicated:

Signs that announced businesses:


And signs that announced boredom:

This was an exception to the rule that there is NO graffiti in Cuba.  I only saw things like this a few times - very different from the rampant graffit in European and American cities.

There were signs that were heeded:

And signs that were ignored:

And there were frequently signs that didn't make any sense at all that made for great photographs.

This was at Hemingway's house and it took a lot of willpower not to add an "X" after the numbers.

There's no way to capture Cuba better than with photographs of the signs, so I'm sharing all of them with you.  Click here for many, many more photographs of signs from every area of Cuba we visited.  (Afrodite, here's the t-shirt design inspiration file!)

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