Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arizona: Extreme Edition

News flash: I leave for my Africa trip in eight days.  Eight! And I still have absolutely no idea of what I'll be doing or seeing while I'm there because the trip organizers either don't have things planned or have been tasked with teaching me patience.  A cool world traveler would not care...she would wing it and would know just what to pack and how to pack it (looking at you, Afrodite!) without needing any details.  I try to be that spontaneous person, I really really do.  But right now I'm not feeling it.  I want to know if I will see an elephant. 
Until I get more details on the next adventure, I wanted to share a closer-to-home travel experience that I had recently when work took me to Flagstaff for meetings.  Flagstaff is a wonderful place to go no matter what the occasion, and armed with my camera and my fresh-off-vacation instinct to photograph everything, I got some great shots as we walked between meetings and explored the downtown shopping area. 

Flagstaff always manages to surprise me.  Even when I'm there for something as routine as work meetings, unexpected things happen.  Like the band that stopped playing almost as unexpectedly as it began, seeming to come out of nowhere to entertain those crowded into an old hotel ballroom for a too-short time.
Or the traveling karaoke ride that was unlike anything I've ever seen before: participants peddled to keep it moving, then stopped to sing along when they got tired.

And as if Flagstaff doesn't have enough going for it, now there's Flagstaff Extreme: an obstacle course with ropes, bridges, zip lines and other assorted ways to be insane in the tops of enormous pine trees.  Awesome.
This was the point where I was playing photographer from a safe spot on the ground...
Travel close to home does have its advantages, like great friends for travel companions and signs all in your native language!

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