Thursday, June 3, 2010

Venetian Morning

I keep thinking of the phrase 'a veritable assault on the senses,' though I can't remember where I've heard or read it before. It's the perfect description for an early morning in Venice - at laest, it is if you can allow 'assault' to be a good thing. The sights, sounds, all creates quite an experience. The quiet crackle of the milk foam settling on my cappuchino (it had plenty of time to settle, since I didn't drink much of it - can't like espresso no matter how much I try!), the crunch of the croissant as I bite into it, the chirping of birds outside in the garden (or inside, when they sneak in through an open door to steal croissant crumbs), the constant whistling of deliverymen on the rain-covered streets, the clanging on the wheels of the trash carts, the waves slapping against the edges of the canal as the boats chug by. The countless colors change as the clouds give way to sinshine and the air fills with cheery conversations in many languages as stores open and the tourists emerge. I've wandered into the back streets of Venice, behind the mercado with its brilliantly-colored displays of fruit and stomach-turning containers of meat. Here there are no tourists (well, except me!) and I can sit in the piazza to watch the Italians' morning rituals. So far, it's the Italian dogs that are the most entertaining - their enthusiasm and energy rival that of the tourists. They're thrilled to be here, hoping to meet others of their own kind, but then oh, time's flying so ciao! have to run.

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