Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last of Cortona

My exit from Cortona was just so amazing, I have to tell you about it. Last night I stayed on the balcony until most of the tourists had gone to bed, but still wasn't completely ready to end my last day in Cortona. So I sat in the lounge for awhile with Guido, one of the extremely friendly hotel staffers, and watched a documentary on the Garden of Eden. I have no idea what the point was even though Guido translated the highlights, but clothes made of leaves speak for themselves.

The rest of my departure was just as friendly. If anyone had said there was a tourist town where the hotel staff is genuinely sad to see you go, where the lady in the restaurant always remembers what you like to drink, and the taxi driver (who covers at least two towns, by the way) gives you a hug goodbye at the train station, I would never have believed them. Fellow tourists, please don't change Cortona while I'm gone!

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  1. Something tells me again that this speaks more to the kind of person you are and less to the people of Cortona.


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