Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26 - A Few of My Favorite Things

1. A Dose of Reality. While wandering around Trastavere this morning, I came across a real estate office. The most inexpensive apartment (note: apartment, not mansion!) in Trastavere was 330 thousand euro. There will be no impulsive, Under-the-Tuscan-Sun-style purchases for Beth! At least, not on this trip...

2. Time. It turns out that the European system for time is a very good idea. If, for example, a traveler were to know it is 13:00 in Rome, rather than 1:00, such a sojourner would know that it is, in fact, 4:00 AM in Arizona, not 4:00 PM. Sorry, mom and dad!

3. Clotheslines. There are clotheslines everywhere in Rome - each of the apartments in my hotel building (did I mention that some people get to live here?! Excuse me while I remind myself of the reality check in number 1...) has a clothesline outside their window. The residents hang out the window, drape their laundry on the line, and hope that their underwear doesn't drop down three floors to the spot where Luigi is working on the exterior of the building. (Note: the situation is real, but I just made up the name Luigi for him.) Why don't we have more urban clotheslines at home?

5. The Elevator. I keep seeing ads around town for something called the Time Elevator. It appears to be a 45-minute IMAX-style film about the 2,750 year history of Rome. I'm baffled. Why wouldn't you just walk through the streets to visualize the amazing history?! It's more interesting and, I'm sure, less likely to give you motion sickness.


  1. The answer to the question at the end of #4 is Home Owners Associations... well, at least partly- they don't even allow clotheslines that are hidden in one's backyard. Luigi, Luigi...hmm. that name rings a

  2. What a day!!!!! You are having such a wonderful time over there and Dean and I are enjoying the travelog so much.. You are cracking him up Beth..

    Keep up the adventure we are all back here awaiting the next post!!


    Aunt Sally and Uncle Dean


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