Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Il Cappello di Marcus

I've forgotten to tell you about My Project. My dear friend and mentor Sir Marcus B. left his baseball cap atmy going-away gala last week and, like any irresponsible person who's about to flee the country would do, I kidnapped it.

I am taking good care of il cappello, Mark - it has become my travel companion. Like Tom Hands and Wilson, but without all the lost-on-an-island drama. Il Cappello began it's journey in this bag...mostly because it is funny, and partly because it gives me a great opportunity to say thank you to Alva for the lovely gift of comfortable, travel-worthy pajamas!

Il Cappello's journey continued on the open-air tour bus (it was embarrased but hey, a hat's got to get oriented to a new city somehow and it was still scared of Rome traffic at that point) and then continued on to it's most exciting event: a meeting with an emperor.

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  1. At first I thought you found a Victoria's Secret in Italy and was going to tease you. What happened to "no chains"?!?!? Then I realized I recognized the carpet of your apartment and the photo was NOT taken in Italy...whew...


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